Groupe Berkem has developed a range of ingredients specifically adapted to the formulation of dietary supplements for digestive health.

Nutraceuticals range for dietary supplements

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the plant world, meticulous selection of plants for their active molecules, and mastery to its processes, Groupe Berkem offers a range of ingredients suitable for the formulation of dietary supplements. In vitro and in vivo tests have been carried out, to demonstrate the mechanisms of action of Groupe Berkem’s ingredients, which promote intestinal well-being.

The power of polyphenols on microbiota balance

Polyphenols are secondary metabolites, forming a vast group of molecules naturally present in plants and serving as defenses against various aggressions (insects, fungi, UV, disease). The use of polyphenols enables us to benefit from numerous biological effects of an antioxidant nature that combat cellular aging and help maintain good general health. This is why polyphenols are used in cosmetics, nutrition especially for digestive health. In nutraceuticals, flavonoids, i.e. polyphenols, act on the microbiota. The formulation of dietary supplements therefore requires extracts rich in active molecules to maintain a healthy intestinal microbiota.

OPC ingredients for cardiovascular protection

Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidins (OPC) are polyphenols naturally presents in various plants as a defense against external aggressions (UV rays, bacterias…). Those polymers have also recognized effects on the human health. Beside their antioxidizing properties, allowing to maintain a good state of health, the OPC provide effects on the cardiovascular system by helping to lowering the platelets aggregation and by helping the “bad” cholesterol (LDL) rate reduction.

As an historic expert in grape seeds and pine bark polyphenolic extraction, Groupe Berkem proposes OPC rich plant-based ingredients.

Historical expertise in polyphenols

Polyphenols have a long history with Groupe Berkem, which has been studying them for 50 years. In the early 70s, the company set up a research partnership on these natural antioxidants with the University of Bordeaux.

Specialized from the outset in the extraction of polyphenols from grape seeds and pine bark, Groupe Berkem has developed unique expertise and processes that have enabled it to extend its know-how to a wide range of plant extracts. Thanks to a growing desire to innovate and develop more sustainable processes, Groupe Berkem attaches particular importance to the supply of plants. With a view to complete transparency with its customers, the company rigorously selects its raw materials with the aim of controlling and benefiting from responsible, traceable sourcing.

Thanks to its expertise in plant extraction and its knowledge of active ingredients, the Group is able to offer plant extracts guaranteeing a high level of purity. Groupe Berkem’s mastery of regulatory, scientific and procurement aspects enables it to create solutions perfectly adapted to the challenges of the nutraceutical market.

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