Groupe Berkem, a driving force through innovation

Among the many fields of application for plant chemistry, cosmetics, dietary supplements, agri-food, and nutrition occupy a major place. Groupe Berkem, a recognized expert in plant extraction and a long-standing producer, has developed unique know-how, enabling it to master the entire plant-related value chain.

  • Responsibility & autonomy:  independence in raw materials sourcing, traceability, storage, and industrial production capacity
  • Innovation & audacity:  monitoring research and development of active ingredients derived from plants, overcycling, scientific tests and trials
  • Pragmatism & agility: listening to customers and the market, customized services in product extraction and drying, quality control, and regulation

Groupe Berkem offers high quality products that responsibly improve the performance of many everyday consumer products.

Reactor for plant extraction

Groupe Berkem's solutions

Ingredients for cosmetics

Inspired by nature, Groupe Berkem is known for developing a wide range of ingredients for skin, face, body and hair care. It develops active ingredients, plant extracts, and floral or plant waters from different parts of plants, based on their active molecules with multiple properties (antioxidant, anti-stress, anti-pollution…)


Ingredients for nutraceutical products

Historically an expert in polyphenols, Groupe Berkem has developed its expertise for the dietary supplements market. Following the acquisition of i.Bioceuticals, exclusive distributor of Masquelier ingredients in North America, Groupe Berkem has launched a new range of ingredients for the nutraceutical market. This new range focuses on rebalancing the intestinal symbiosis.


Food and nutrition ingredients

Thanks to the the acquisition in 2023 of Biopress, a 100% organic producer of vegetable oils and proteins, Groupe Berkem will become a player in the food market, offering textured soy proteins and flours for the animal feed and human food markets.


Committed to the naturaless of ingredients

In order to meet consumers’ demands for traceability and naturalness, the transparent of ingredients has become a major concern for manufacturers in the cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and food markets.

Actively involved in the ecological transition, Groupe Berkem has been working for 50 years to support its customers, offering innovative solutions based on the extraction ofmolecules of interest from plants. By integrating plant-based chemistry into conventional chemistry, Groupe Berkem is accelerating the transition in these markets by offering high-performance, efficient solutions in the composition of their products.

Dried plants

Upcycling, a historical know-how

80% of Groupe Berkem’s plant extract production comes from the recycling of plant by-products.

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