Biopress, the organic soy protein specialist

Soya is a plant whose seeds are naturally rich in protein (containing between 32% and 42%).  Biopress uses organic soybeans grown in south-western France to extract the oil, the crushing residue being the meal. Biopress has genuine expertise in the extrusion process for soybean meal. Extrusion produces elements of varying fineness, which are then sorted to obtain the granulometries best suited to the various market uses.

Once rehydrated, TVPs contain 25 to 50% proteins (2 to 3 times more than beef). They offer a genuine alternative to animal-based proteins, which are easier to digest and retain their chewiness in the mouth.
Biopress textured soy proteins offer a host of advantages, thanks to its mastery of processes and committed organic and local sourcing:

  • Soy protein, the most easily digestible vegetable protein (PDCAAS score: high)
  • High protein content 45-50 g
  • A complete nutritional profile in terms of amino acids
  • Preservation of a firm product once rehydrated
  • Guaranteed GMO-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, ORGANIC origin

Biopress’s know-how therefore enables it to manufacture organic plant textured proteins for human nutrition, and organic soy flours for animal nutrition (livestock, fish etc.).

Strengthening Groupe Berkem’s offering

The acquisition of Biopress opens the doors to new solutions in the agri-food market for industrialists in demand of naturalness. This acquisition enables Groupe Berkem to strengthen its global supply offer in plant-based fat chemistry.

This expertise translates into the production of food-grade and industrial oils, vegetable flours and soybean meal for animal feed, and textured proteins for the agri-food market. Surfactants derived from these vegetable oils are also used in numerous industrial applications, being particularly sought-after for their solubilizing, detergent, wetting or emulsifying properties.

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