H2Olixir plant waters range by Groupe Berkem

H2Olixir plant waters, developed by Groupe Berkem, require expertise and mastery of plants. In addition to being part of an upcycling approach, H2Olixir plant waters help to reduce the impact on the environment by reducing the use of drinking water during the manufacturing processes of cosmetics formulations. This ingredient reduces the use of osmosis water in formulas by 100%.

As water is the most widely used solvent in cosmetic formulas, H2Olixir plant waters act as a more responsible and environmentally-friendly substitute.

In addition to the environmental dimension, H2Olixir plant waters preserve all the properties of the plants, allowing you to enjoy their many benefits. The plants used are sourced in France and are 100% natural according to the  ISO 16128 and certified at 97.5% organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard.

Plants chosen for their ancestral properties

The H2Olixir range is the result of a drying process that extracts the water naturally contained in plants while preserving their benefits.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm, originally from Turkey, has been known for over two thousand years, and was used in ancient times to calm anxious people. Today, it is a widely used ingredient in cosmetic formulations for its properties. These enable the formulated product to act as an antioxidant and astringent while promoting skin soothing.



Since the earliest civilizations, peppermint has been used in cooking and medicine, as well as for its many cosmetic properties. A perennial plant with dark green, pointed leaves, peppermint acts as an antioxidant, refreshing and purifying agent.

Feuilles de menthe poivrée

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