Range of technological actives

Berkemyol® are active ingredients stabilized using patented Phytovector® technology. Natural polyphenols are unstable molecules and are particularly reactive, especially oligomers when highly concentrated. The Phytovector® method consists in protecting these functions by masking them through esterification, thus stabilizing them. Polyphenols thus acquire a lipophilic character, essential for transcutaneous passage and bioavailability. The active form of these stabilized molecules is then released deep into the epidermis thanks to the action of esterases, enzymes naturally present in the skin.

Thanks to this technology, polyphenols are protected from the production of active ingredients to their incorporation into cosmetic formulas and application to the skin.

Active liquids range

Active liquids have the advantage of being directly integrated into cosmetic formulations. Made from 5% of extract with vegetable glycerin and water, they are 100% of natural origin according to the ISO 16128. They are preservative-free, colorless in formulas and water-soluble.

Active powders range

Active ingredients in powder form are 100% natural origin according to ISO 16128. They are preservative-free and water-soluble (after a glycerine premix).

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