Inspired by nature, Groupe Berkem offers several ranges of plant-based ingredients specially adapted to the needs and challenges of the cosmetics market.

Groupe Berkem expertise at the service of cosmetics

The company specializes in the extraction of active ingredients, particularly polyphenols. Its range includes ingredients such as objectivized active ingredients, plant extracts and floral and plants waters, derived from plants selected for their efficacy and their composition in active molecules. These ingredients are ideal for formulating beauty products for the skin, face, body and hair.

Commitment and guaranteed quality

Groupe Berkem adapts to changes in the cosmetics market to offer ever more effective ingredients rich in active molecules. With a view to continuous improvement, the company optimizes techniques, seeks out more virtuous, environmentally-friendly processes and sets up specific supply chains. This involves sourcing as well as the development of upcycling. Groupe Berkem’s hallmarks are the excellence of its raw materials, its extensive experience in processing them, and the rigor of its techniques.

Tailor-made service and controlled processes

Thanks to its industrial facilities, know-how and R&D laboratories, Groupe Berkem is able to manufacture plant extracts using secure processes that guarantee the traceability of raw materials. The company also offers its expertise in the manufacture of plant extracts customized high quality plant extracts.

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