The extraction process

Plant extraction requires the right combination of a multitude of parameters to exploit the best properties of each plant. It increasingly requires scientific knowledge in fields as diverse as botany, the description of compounds of interest through analytical know-how, and process engineering. But above all, it remains an art in the right application of all these skills.

Today, thanks to its experience, Groupe Berkem has developed a perfect mastery of each of the factors involved in this process. The company offers its expertise in the manufacture of high-quality, innovative, tailor-made plant extracts.

A complete range of services

Thanks to its know-how, Groupe Berkem is able to intervene in all stages of the plant extraction process, from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.

Raw materials and upcycling

Favoring short supply chains , the Group is able to source all types of plants, in industrial quantities. Exploiting the full potential of plants, Groupe Berkem has become a specialist in overcycling, to convert as yet unexploited parts of plants into high-performance active ingredients . Today, to meet the demands of its customers, the teams use all the components:

  • Leaves
  • Roots
  • Barks
  • Seeds
  • Fruits/vegetables
  • Semi-processed products (oils, powders)
Dried plants

Customized solutions

Groupe Berkem is able to formulate various extracts and active ingredients specially adapted to the needs of its customers:

  • Dry extracts (atomisates, powder premixes)
  • Liquid extracts (aqueous, glycerol, alcoholic, hydroalcoholic and hydroglycolic extracts)
  • Paste extracts (soft extracts or concretes)
  • Standard or titrated plant extracts
  • Purified active ingredients
Liquid plant extract

High-performance industrial equipment

Groupe Berkem’s analytical laboratory uses a wide range of tools (HPLC, CPG, IR, UV, TLC) to characterize active ingredients. Thanks to its regularly modernized industrial equipment and optimized industrial  processes and methods , the company’s know-how in plant extraction is reflected in a variety of technologies and expertise, enabling it to guarantee high production capacity:

  • All-solvent extraction
  • Purification and concentration (filtration, decantation, centrifugation, precipitation, distillation, crystallization, thermization, etc.)
  • Drying, freeze-drying and atomizing
  • Powder mixing
  • Fine chemicals: esterification, etherification, hemisynthesis, vectorization, encapsulation, acid and enzymatic hydrolysis
  • Characterization of active ingredients

A broad range of applications

Our customized solutions enable us to formulate a wide range of products for a variety of sectors, including cosmetics, food flavoring, nutraceuticals, perfume industry and the food industry.

Proximity and confidentiality

Close to its customers, Groupe Berkem provides a dedicated technical contact as well as a multidisciplinary scientific team to support its customers in their projects.
Prior to each collaboration, a confidentiality agreement is drawn up to protect the knowledge and know-how of each customer.

Industrial machine for plant extraction

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